Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Big red button

Josh was sleep yelling NO, WAIT, NO DON'T, WAIT, NO!!! So I went back. And this was a good one...

Me: You okay in here?
Josh: Did you push the big red button?!
Me: Um, no? What button?
J: The one that makes you be an adult forever!
Me: Ah, well no, but I'm going to push the one that says you're sleep talking.
J: No, I'm actually awake this time.
Me: Yeah, no. An adult button? You actually stay an adult anyway you know.
 J: No, I just mis-worded that.
Me: Is that a word actually?
J: Yes, and I meant to say it makes you be able to change your job.
Me: That's weird, and so are you. Please go back to sleep.
J: Fine.

So I walk out and he turns his light on. I go back in...

Me: Please turn your light off.
J: My eyes ARE off!
Me: Your light buddy, it's on. Turn it off.
J: Oh, I thought I did. I know I turned a light off.
Me: Sleep boy!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Allen: Oh! I have to pop a bunch of...
Me: ...of what?
A: Things.
Me: What kind of things?
A: Ears.
Me: Like ears of corn? Popcorn?
A: Yeah, now shhh.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Driving after midnight

Josh is dreaming about what he drove all day! :)

In the barn

Josh was yelling HELP! MOM! So I went back & he said they're getting out! Look and you'll see them!
Me: Who?
Josh: The people!
Me: What people?
J: Matt & Lizzy or Lizzy & Matt or vice versa.
Me: They're getting out of what?
J: The barn.
Me: They were in the barn?
J: We all were.
Me: You were sleeping in the barn?
J: No, playing hide & seek Mom, you know that.
Me: Oh, but you're not now?
J: No Mom, I know we're in a house or something.
Me: An RV?
J: Yeah I know.
Me: Okay, go back to sleep.
J: Good night.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I was happy

Josh was yelling, so I went back. He was sitting up & said Oh, hi. 
Me: Hi. What we're you yelling about? 
J: I only yelled once, because I was happy. 
Me: Why? 
J: Because I got it to bounce! 
Me: What? 
J: The whole camper. 
Me: Um, okay. Are you asleep? 
J: Not now, but I was probably asleep then. 
Me: Yeah, probably. Good night. 
J: Good night.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Writing on the bottom of his pants

Josh was sleep yelling, so I went back to check.  He said that Matt needed something to write on the bottom of his pants.  So I clicked record...  He cracks me up when he says he's awake.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Josh isn't asleep, he'll bet me $5

Josh was yelling and when I went back to check, he said he needed a dress for Lizzy.  He was sitting up looking around his bunk, and found a sweatshirt and said this will work.  I asked why she needed a dress and he said so she could go out and play.  I said after midnight?  He said well, she had to do dishes.  He talked a bunch of crazy, and I kept laughing.  He said Mom, I bet you $5 that I'm not asleep.  Then I started recording.  :)